This section contains the following tutorials:

Docker As an alternative to following this tutorial, João Loff has put together a Docker container for Pivot Tracing which can be found here.

Pre-requisites (link) This optional section steps over installing pre-requisites. If you already have these installed, you may skip this. The tracing framework requires Java 7, Maven 3, Protocol Buffers 2.5, AspectJ.

Getting Started: HDFS (link) In this tutorial, we will download and install a modified version of HDFS 2.7.2 that has already been instrumented to add Baggage.

Getting Started: Pivot Tracing (link) In this tutorial we will dynamically install a Pivot Tracing query into HDFS as it is running.

Adding Baggage To Your System (link) In this tutorial we will discuss how to add Baggage to a new system (Baggage is a pre-requisite to X-Trace, Retro, and Pivot Tracing). We will discuss some of the automatic instrumentation that makes it easy to add Baggage.

Using Baggage Yourself (link) In this tutorial we will discuss how you can use Baggage in an already-instrumented system. We will discuss the BaggageContents API and give some examples of how to use it.